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Hi my name is Huub Keulers. I’m an Dutchman, living in the Netherlands in a small stroke of land between the Belgium and German border. 

I mainly shoot sports because I love to be near the action and capture that one moment in a split of a second that says it all: the emotion, the succes, the failure. It's an honor for me to shoot sports because of the respect I have for the athletes knowing what sacrifices they have to make to become the best. What more beautiful is there then to witness the relationship between the athlete(s), their coach and their fans. My pictures can best be described as stylised, frame filling, timed and a mixture of photojournalistic- / portrait photography. 

My former jobs as a digital communication specialist and professional trainer help me in my activities as a photographer. In 2016 I was a sparring partner for the book 'Handboek Sportfotografie' by Pieter Dhaeze and Olympic photographer Pim Ras. At this moment a friend and I are busy with a new ebook project about sports photography. Exciting times!

We all need dreams to keep us feel alive. My biggest dream is shooting the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020. Lets make dreams come true!



Phone: +31(0)646741111

Address: Mergelakker 62, 6181 JG Elsloo (Nl)

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