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Hi, my name is Huub Keulers a happily married man living in the Netherlands in a small stroke of land between the Belgium and German border. 

From origin I am a digital communication manager / trainer who worked in the field of business intranets, social media and education. Being a photographer as long as I can remember I now work as a freelance photographer, writer and educator. My main focus within photography are sports, action and portraits although I also create photos in the area of interior and (business) events. I recently started to work for the Topsport Limburg organisation to provide them with sport photos of Limburg sports men and women.

Beside major international and national sport events I photographed I also create sports portfolios for athletes or help them in their own photography or blogging/vlogging activities.  I was co-author of a educational sport photography book with Pieter Dhaeze en Pim Ras. At this point I am writing a new book about sport photography in collaboration with a friend/photographer. Because I like to share my knowledge and experiences I organise workshops and lectures.

My recent sports photography projects are: World Championship Cyclo-cross, Liebherr World championships Table tennis, Rabo Eurohockey championships, European championships wild water canoeing, Ironman Maastricht (Nl), Dutch Athletics Championships, Open Dutch Para Athletics Championships and Marathon Meerssen (Nl).

The reason why I love sport photography that much is because it connects and unites people all over the world, it knows no borders and plays an important role in peoples life. I like to be near the action and capture that one moment in a split of a second that says it all: the emotion, the succes, the failure. It's an honor for me to shoot sports because of the respect I have for the athletes knowing what sacrifices they have to make to become the best. What more beautiful is there then to witness the relationship between the athlete(s), their coach and their fans. My pictures can best be described as stylised, frame filling, timed and a mixture of photojournalistic- / portrait photography.

I always try to choose a shooting point, which doesn’t interfere with advertising, design stands, light poles or it has to strengthen a sponsor or athletes interest. My main focus is to make any reportage photography aesthetically attractive, and not just to catch the moment.

Preparation is a very vital component. It’s necessary to be prepared each time you shoot. Explore the ingredients of the sport, visit the venue up front and find all the best shooting points. It’s also necessary to be familiar with the features and habits of athletes. Then you can come up with a frame and shooting angle in advance. The main thing is to know what I want to show in my photos and not to rely on luck.

Because I strongly believe that everybody has a right to learn I love to to share my knowledge and experiences, something that is embedded in my DNA. This is why I dedicate a portion of my time teaching photography, lecturing, coaching and writing blog articles and books. My workshops are open to photographers at all levels of learning. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out and contact me. I share my stories and experiences by writing articles for Canon Eoszine and Photofacts. In 2016 I was a sparring partner for the book 'Handboek Sportfotografie' by Pieter Dhaeze and Olympic photographer Pim Ras. At this moment a friend and I are working on a new book about sports photography. Exciting times!

We all need dreams to keep us feel alive. My biggest dream is shooting the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020 and Formula 1 races. Lets make dreams come true!


Email: [email protected]

Phone: +31(0)646741111

Address: Mergelakker 62, 6181 JG Elsloo (Nl)

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