A warm welcome to my website. This site is dedicated to my photography and writing activities, showcasing my work which is focussed on sports, documentary, portrait and travel. We all tell stories we want to remember, to hold on to something or someone that we can’t stand loosing. My drive to tell stories with words and pictures and to share knowledge is because I strongly believe in the fact that people have a right to know in what world they are living. Furthermore there is a constant strive in me to leave my footprints behind and connect with people in a honest and positive kind of way. I weave together sentences, capture moments with my camera and have a strong affection for the artistic approach, a wel thought composition and the decive moment. Naturally I’m used to delivering words and pictures as a single package – and making sure that they complement each other. I am constantly learning from the people I meet and the places I visit and along the way, I believe I take respectful and creative photographs portraying people, sport events and our planet.


Below some examples of my photography work.
For more pictures see my portfolio and my sports photography website.